MahaVastu shares the potential and power of Vastu Shastra through its multiple courses, right through its Foundation Course to the Advanced Course, it trains Vastu consultants as well as Vastu enthusiasts the world over, providing them with a scientific approach towards applying the principles and guidelines of Vastu.

2-Day Vastu Foundation Course

In 2-Day Vastu Foundation Course, you learn the basics of Vastu Shastra, scientific logics behind Vastu rules, practical Vastu techniques and easy-to-apply, simple MahaVastu remedies to experience the benefits of Vastu Shastra in your home or apartment.

4-Day MahaVastu Course

In the 4-Day MahaVastu™ Course, you learn proven Vastu formulas to achieve instant results for your clients and yourself. You learn practical Vastu Techniques and effective Vastu Remedies with profound scientific logics that help you to resolve Vastu doshas in a living space without demolitions or reconstructions.

45 Devtas of Vastu Purusha Mandala

In MahaVastu™ Course you will get proven Vastu formulas to get instant results for your clients and for yourself. You will learn Practical Vastu Techniques and effective Vastu Remedies with profound scientific logics that will help you to avoid demolitions and reconstruction.

2-Day Astro Foundation Course

Astro Foundation Course enables you to Learn a step by step procedure to read your horoscope and get answers to important questions about Money, Health, Marriage, Job, children, Relationships, and Business.

2-Day Numero Power Course

During the 2-Day Numero Power Course, you learn to empower your name, signatures, brand and e-mail accounts with the use of magical power of Lucky Numbers and Letters using a traditional system that the Jews (world's richest community) believe in.

2-Day AstroVastu Remedies Course

2-Day AstroVastu Remedies Course further elevates your foundation of Vastu and Astro course to the next level, enabling you to analyze your horoscope along with your house plan for applying Astro Vastu remedies.

4-Day MahaJyotish Astro Vastu Course

It’s the time to widen your expertise with the power of Astrology!

Learn to use the power of planets and stars to usher in bountiful of love, happiness, prosperity and success in your life. Add another feather to your cap of Vastu knowledge and understanding by discovering and implementing the power of Astrology in your Vastu applications.

6-Day Advanced MahaVastu™ Course

The 6-Day Advanced MahaVastu™ Course delves into your deeper conscious to help you work with your inner conscious and Intuition. It is required to perceive information about buildings, which may be a thousand miles away.