2-Day Numero Power Course

During the 2-Day Numero Power Course, you learn to empower your name, signatures, brand and e-mail accounts with the use of magical power of Lucky Numbers and Letters using a traditional system that the Jews (world's richest community) believe in.
2-Day Numero Power Course
  1. How to select the most effective company or brand name as per Numero for greater success in business ventures?

  2. How to make your name more powerful with the addition of letter (s) to it?

  3. How to choose a profitable phone number for your personal or business purpose?

  4. Learn how Numero-Powered E-mail Ids, Passwords and Mobile Numbers create more powerful and effective communication that further generates more business and sales?

  5. Learn to win in negotiations: Within 2 Minutes, work out the most effective time for profit or desired result yielding phone calls.

  6. Learn to work out the name of a lucky bank in order to save and attract more money in your account with that bank.

  7. How to select the lucky number for your car?

  8. How to use Astro-Numerology for powerful and successful signatures?

  9. How to select an effective Mantra numerological, in order to boost your Mental Powers?

  10. Learn to decide the beneficial people in your life by simply analyzing their names using Numerology.

  11. How to select the most powerful and beneficial numbers in order to select the most beneficial dates, timings and other values related to numbers?

Also, learn the relation between the numbers,colors and beneficial gemstones logically using Astro-Numero Power.

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  1. Program Timing: 10am-6pm.
  2. The fee includes essential Numero Kit which includes ‘Numero Foundation Course Manual’.
  3. This course is non residential course.
  4. Fee - Rs. 25000 inclusive of GST

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