The MahaVastu Internship Programme is exclusively designed for the MahaVastu Experts (MEs) to further aid them in improving their working skills and removing their doubts.

The programme is generally conducted by the Vastu Acharyas (They are the Vastu experts who have also successfully completed their 6-Day Advanced MahaVastu Course).

The time period of the MahaVastu Internship Programme is 15 days and is held at the MahaVastu Centre, Noida, preceded by the 4-Day MahaVastu Course.

The Main Objectives of the MahaVastu Internship Programme
  • It aims at providing professional experience to the new MEs/ interns in this programme.
  • The interns apply and test their knowledge gained during the 4-Day MahaVastu Course by solving different kinds of case studies.
  • During the Internship Programme, an intern gains understanding of their skills and knowledge required for success in their profession and overall life.
  • Through this programme, the interns sharpen and develop their analytical skills and critical thinking as well as their power of decision-making.
  • Lastly, after successfully completing the 15-day Internship Programme, the interns develop renewed self-confidence and self-esteem. They bring more vigour and conviction in solving various types of vastu-related problems pertaining to their life as well as others’ life.
An Overview of the Programme

The overall skills that are covered in the Internship Programme are as follows:

  • Reading the Plan or Map as well as marking inputs with the help of visuals.
  • Learning to read the Magnetic Compass accurately and marking the North on the plan/map.
  • Gridding the Map accurately and making a Bar Chart.
  • Practising the skills to read the First Information Report (FIR) more accurately & quickly.
  • Analysing the House Plan/Map and the Bar Chart in context to the FIR proficiently.
  • Shortlisting the problem areas in the given Map.
  • And then, the most salient task of Recommending MahaVastu Solutions/Remedies according to the problem areas/problems in the House Plan/Map.
  • This is followed by the last and the final task of writing reports in an efficient and professional manner.

To conclude, MahaVastu is glad to inform that after the successful completion of the first Internship Programme (18 th June to 1 st July), the second Internship Programme is scheduled for 16 th to 27 th August, 2016.