4-Day MahaJyotish Astro Vastu Course

It’s the time to widen your expertise with the power of Astrology!

Learn to use the power of planets and stars to usher in bountiful of love, happiness, prosperity and success in your life. Add another feather to your cap of Vastu knowledge and understanding by discovering and implementing the power of Astrology in your Vastu applications.


Learn a step by step procedure to read your horoscope and answer questions related to important aspects of life such as Money, Health, Marriage, Job, children, Relationships, Career, Business and ,pre.

During the Astro Power Course, you can:

  • Predict accurate date of marriage from a horoscope in 15 minutes. You can also conclude whether it would be a love or arranged marriage. You can further learn to read about the features and career choice/ profession of the suitable partner.
  • Choose the perfect occupation according to the strength of planets in a horoscope which ensure abundance of money, fame and success.
  • Accurately decide the most suitable Professional Course from the horoscope of a child. This helps in ensuring a better and financially secure future for him.
  • Decide a perfect Gemstone to recover or get healed from a disease. You can also become proficient in identifying the nature of the disease and the duration of illness.
  • Select the right Mantra to awaken your latent potentials for achieving greater heights in life.
  • Decide the best suitable direction for you to sit, work and sleep in to attract holistic growth in your life.
  • Decide the most auspicious Color and Gemstone to attract wealth and prosperity.
  • Judge accurately the favorable and low phases in your life through study of Mahadasha and Antardasha lords. In depth, understand these to help pin-pointedly predict relevant events in your life.

With the latest research in Vedic astrology performed by VastuShastri Khushdeep Bansal, you can also learn many practical shortcuts & logical tricks to make accurate predictions quickly from any horoscope.

To enroll for the 4-Day MahaJyotish Astro Power Course, contact us today!

  • Everyday group discussions with senior experts to make sure that your each question is answered before you leave.
  • Upgraded course with now Astro and Vastu being learned together.
  • Fee: Rs. 1,47,500/- inclusive of GST.
    • Enrol by paying Rs. 29,500/- now.
    • Pay the remaining amount Rs. 1,18,000/- by 6th Sep 2017.
  • Program Timing: 9am-9pm.
  • Course Fee includes your stay for 3 nights on twin sharing basis at one of best resorts of South Delhi, Tivoli Garden Resort. All meals, lunch, breakfast and dinner are included in package.
  • You would be provided MahaJyotish Astro Vastu Course Kit.
  • Your reporting shall be at 8:30 am on Day 1 and program shall start from 9 am and completes on Day 4 (Last day) by 6 pm.
  • Reception Desk at the resort will help you for keeping your luggage if you are reaching on Day 1 and later would facilitate check-in. You have to check out on Day 4 (Last day) afternoon.
  • You can book directly with resort for additional room night in case you need to check-in one day before or check-out one day later.
  • Access to closed group of likeminded Mahavastu Experts & Acharyas on FB for knowledge sharing, learning and help.
  • Opportunity to join Mahavastu internship program to work in Mahavastu to enhance working on real time projects.
  • Dedicated Mahavastu Project Support Centre & Franchises provide complete support to facilitate your professional working.
  • Lifelong free access to attend the course by just paying nominal venue fee.