How to Start MahaVastu Centre in your City

Connecting with the Right Partner: a Rigorous Selection Process

Connecting with right partners is the key to business growth. This is vital in highly specialized services like Vastu Shastra. MahaVastu seeks partners who are interested in business and committed to providing adequate presence to people, management of day-to-day operations and facilitating MahaVastu Consultancy and Courses.

Some important criteria for selection as a MahaVastu franchise include:

  • Passion for providing miraculous solutions with care and humility.
  • Passion for MahaVastu and mystic/spiritual sciences.
  • Dedication to work and openness to learning management skills.
  • Proven ability to invest the essential capital.
Leveraging Expertise
  • Vastu Consulting Business requires extensive knowledge of Indian Sciences along with well researched and result-giving working procedures.
  • MahaVastu leverages its time-tested expertise that franchisees would take forward to every home.
  • Franchisees must have great dedication and understanding towards Indian sciences along with implementation procedures.
  • MahaVastu recognizes that success of a franchise center depends on the franchisee's skills. MahaVastu provides rigorous training at the main center by the top-most industry experts in their respective fields.
  • MahaVastu also extends managerial support to Franchises. It also helps them in
  • Selection of site
  • Design and plan layout
  • Understanding and executing standard operating procedures
  • Developing their business.


360° Training and Support to Franchisees
  • Prior experience in Vastu Consultancy is not a must for becoming a MahaVastu franchisee as the foundation helps franchisees in learning and setting up operations.
  • MahaVastu supports franchisees in training, marketing, advertising, systems software, center layout design, inventory management, billing, legalities, client handling, managing the center’s launch to create awareness, staff recruitment, senior MahaVastu consultants’ visits, and architectural designs.
  • Centralized Vastu Evaluation reports: creating and maintaining an online database to provide access to authorized individuals for reference and research purposes.


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