Vastu Check Report

MahaVastu solutions rarely involve structural changes or demolition. We deploy simple and practical solutions to ensure your property is Vastu-perfect. Vastu faults or doshas can be easily corrected with the use of simple Vastu techniques and remedies.

Some of the commonly used Vastu remedies include color and metal strips (that are inserted into the floor), colored bulbs, paintings, art objects or aesthetic products, stones etc. Our Vastu Experts suggest these solutions after an accurate Vastu Analysis of the property.

Vastu Check Report


Our Experts study your building plan to understand the causes for your problems. When symptoms match 100% with the Vastu reasons associated to a problem, there is no need for a site visit in such a case.

A Senior MahaVastu Expert addresses all your Vastu queries in person. The best and the most effective remedies and solutions are suggested as per the MahaVastu Survey and Evaluation Report.


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If you have a Vastu query or you are anxious about a family, business or other personal problem, you may engage with a MahaVastu Expert for personalized consultation by booking an appointment, using our contact form or calling us today.