Is Your Child Losing Interest in Studies?As the exam time is approaching, most of the parents start complaining that their children do not concentrate in studies!

Some of them think that the various modern means of technology, such as Computers, Internet, Mobile, Laptop, etc., are responsible for this.

Rarely do the parents stop to wonder if there is a fault lurking within the very environment where the child lives. And even where the parent suspects the existence of such a fault, he or she could be misled by myths that have no scientific base or truth.

The ancient doctrine of Vastu Shastra tells us that the most suitable direction depends upon the subject being studied. For example, to achieve proficiency in Mathematics and Science, students should study facing the West. If one studies facing the South, he develops good debating skills, logical abilities and sharp business acumen. For creative or religious kind of work, one should study facing towards the East.

With respect to children, who do not pay much attention towards studies, the study table should be in the middle of the South-West and West Vastu zones. If children do not concentrate on their books and are easily and frequently distracted, they should study facing towards the West.

As per Vastu Shastra, studying in different zones in your home produces different effects. Here are a few examples.

  • The North-East is a productive place for research work. Students studying in this zone will think and develop new ideas and develop insights required to excel in their studies.
  • The West-South-West Zone is ideal for school students – they feel naturally inclined towards studies and secure excellent grades. In contrast, in the East-North-East, the child will feel the burden of studies. When their study table is placed in this zone, they will be inclined more towards fun activities (like reading story books, novels, etc.,) than studying.
  • Similarly, studies done in the South-South-West Zone will prove futile, as the child will secure poor grades or even fail. 
  • The West-South-West is considered to be the Zone of Studies. This zone prompts one to practise repeatedly whatever one is pursuing, so that the results improve with each attempt and one attains perfection. If this zone is balanced, it ensures greater returns and improved performance with less efforts. The West-South-West Zone also equips you with the power, energy and capacity for the retention of knowledge.  

MahaVastu Observation: According to a recent research on ‘Child Education’, conducted by one of our MahaVastu Experts, if a washing machines is placed in the Zone of Studies then children are not able to memorise their lessons properly. With a washing machine there, the child may study as hard as he/she can, but will always feel drained out.